5 Brilliant Mobile ERP Options

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Are you ready to take your business intelligence with you on the road? Here’s our shortlist of 5 brilliant mobile ERP solutions currently on the market. Let’s dive in!

Enterprise Resource Planning is the ultimate software for companies, of all sizes and industries, wanting to integrate data and business intelligence into their processes. But for many SMEs, an ERP can quickly be seen as somewhat of a luxury. This was especially true a couple of years ago, when large conglomerates armed with seemingly endless budgets were the only ones who could afford the software – which were often custom-made and tailored exactly to their needs…

These days, however, ERP has evolved into a much more accessible software. Already in 2016, nearly 80% of large UK companies said they were either looking into implementing an ERP solution – or already using one. And with ERP becoming so ubiquitous in today’s business landscape, a new concern has started rising: how can you best get access to data when you’re out of office?

The Rise of Mobile ERP Solutions

Mobile devices, such as tablets, laptops and smartphones, have now made it easy to work even while on the road – without missing out on access to vital business capabilities, analytics and insights.

In short, mobile ERP allows for greater flexibility without the need for a large investment on the company’s part.

ERP solutions are also easy to use. Some might find this surprising, as it’s basically common knowledge that traditional ERP systems are quite complex and demands some time in order to fully integrate into your workflow. However, this is due to that the mobile system is not as all-encompassing as your onsite version. Naturally, not every single piece of information will need to be accessed and analysed when on the road, so most ERP mobile applications are usually focused on certain aspects of your business.

The focus will depend on both your choice of ERP and the type of business you run. But especially in the busy world of manufacturing companies, to take a popular example, the benefits of mobile ERP are felt highly. Here, any potential problems or hiccups can easily be tracked via ERP through supply chain management  – accurately and in real-time.

The statistics speak for themselves: organisations that have implemented mobile software into their workflow, report a 40% increase in operational efficiency.

5 Mobile ERP Options for 2019


NetSuite is one of the most popular ERP options on the market, and with good reason!

It offers one of the more flexible mobile ERP suites, as it has the ability to be integrated in your company’s back office, customer service and sales processes.

As you would expect from mobile ERP, it was designed with a mobile-user-first mindset. Additionally, NetSuite boasts seamless workflows, and has features including call logging, time tracking, expense reporting and many more. It also allows for push notifications, and it works effortlessly on both iOS and Android devices.

SAP Business One

This mobile ERP solution was designed specifically with manufacturing, accounting, distribution and retail companies in mind. This overall focus on these particular industries, means that its well-suited to track inventory management, financial management, CRM abilities, sales and operational options.

With SAP Business One, managers can stay updated on their business, as well as manage contracts and access reports. This mobile ERP is available with cloud abilities, and the mobile application is available on both Android and iOS devices.


It’s a good day if you’re a manufacturing company, for this mobile ERP is almost tailor-made for your business operations!

Syspro helps manufacturers synchronize, integrate and control their manufacturing process by offering financial management, time management, inventory management, as well as analytics and reporting. The mobile application, named Syspro Espresso (witty, that one) gives the users secure yet instant access to all the information they could possibly need related to customers, suppliers, and sales. It also comes with offline capability, in case you have no source of Wi-Fi.


Acumatica is an ERP suite that offers a rather wide variety of business applications, such as financial management, accounting, manufacturing, distribution, time and expense reports, as well as project accounting, CRM, and e-commerce management.

That was quite a mouthful. But it doesn’t end there.

Acumatica can be accessed remotely through the accompanying application – or any available mobile web browser. For the app, it can offer time-reporting, mobile push-notifications, task management, and sales and expense order management.

Sage X3

Sage is an ERP solution which many companies will find incredibly useful. Despite it offering many good features, the main thrust of Sage X3’s technology is developing analyses out of real-time data gathered from employees in the field.

It offers various integrated features, such as manufacturing, inventory, distribution, financial management, customer sales and business intelligence. In other words, this solution can help you perform financial analysis, sales analysis, and other forms of business analysis – 100% remotely.

You can only make use of Sage X3 on an iOS device, as it does not currently offer Android compatibility.

 Choosing a mobile ERP solution

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