The beating heart of our organisation.

Our company culture provides the focus and sense of common purpose that ensures a healthy, motivated, and productive team. 

At the core is our people-centric values, which help to reinforce our brand mission and drive success for both us and our clients.

We strongly believe that how we do things is just as vital as what we do. We practice this belief in every facet of our business, and we’ve been doing it since we began in 2014.

Our Values

As a company, YourShortlist is built upon the central values of Inspiration, Innovation, Integrity, Transparency, Excellence, and Wellness, each of which contribute to the motivation and performance of our team.

Together, these values contribute towards our overall company vision of an inclusive, friendly, and forward-thinking place to work. This allows our people to perform at their best and successfully deliver results for our clients.




Encourage and nurture success for both employees and clients.



Identify and create new opportunities through forward-thinking.



Stick to our principles and provide, fair, equal opportunities for all.​



Commit to honest and open communication.​



Demonstrate high levels of professional conduct and ethics.



Encourage healthy work-life balance and provide support where needed.

Our Work Culture

Flexibility is in our DNA, with our productivity-over-presenteeism approach helping our people optimise their performance and enjoy what they do. This approach takes different forms across each of our international offices, but the principle remains the same.

Our people are trusted to work flexibly and encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Alongside our approach to flexible working, we also offer free lunchtime fitness classes and unlimited access to wellbeing support.

We hold an annual work retreat to celebrate our financial year-end, and regularly present opportunities for staff to travel between our international offices for a change of pace, training, teambuilding, and greater collaboration.

Our culture ensures we are doing the right things the right way as an organisation and allows us to attract and retain top talent.

Ultimately, this provides our clients with access to a highly motivated and productive team able to deliver a service that consistently exceeds expectations.

Interested in joining us?

Our team is growing rapidly as we enter new territories, and we are always on the lookout for talented people who share our values and would make a great fit.

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