YourShortlist has connected thousands of buyers with top technology providers.  By joining our Partner Network, we can ensure visibility of targeted, relevant projects that you can support on.

The YourShortlist Partner Network is a community where both vendors and buyers save time, money, and resources by skipping ahead to the important part: engaging and connecting.

Benefits of being a partner


Save time, money, and effort through razor-sharp targeting


Engage with qualified leads looking for a technology project


Choose only the projects you’re best positioned to deliver


Accurately measure ROI


Utilise YourShortlists reputation and community

How it works

As a Partner, you’ll gain access to our exclusive Partner Portal – a Partners only website where you can:

Search and filter project opportunities

Easily search through the most relevant and valuable project opportunities for your business.

Your personal dashboard

Check the status of projects you’ve requested, and pass them back if you need to. You can also check your credit balance and top up your account.

Search and filter project opportunities

Update your company profile to make sure you’ve highlighted your latest capabilities and strengths.

Request to Become a Partner

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