Choosing the Right HR Software Solution  

Choosing the Right HR Software Solution   post image

Choosing the right HR software solution takes time and effort. While there are many options available, only a select few can meet your specific business requirements. It is, therefore, necessary that you first define the exact requirements you need the software to fulfil. This will give you an idea of what features to look for in your new HR software solution.  

However, you may not have the time or resources to research a list of potentially hundreds of providers, compare their benefits, and narrow down your options to a single provider.  

YourShortlist are software procurement experts who help businesses navigate the complexities of finding and investing in a new HR platform. They state that “finding a new HR software solution takes time, but it’s vital that you consider your options before selecting your final choice. Rather than reviewing potential providers alone, you can use our services to help you find software vendors who meet your needs exactly”.  

Click here to read YourShortlist’s HR software comparison guide for more information on how they can help you make the right software buying choice. In terms of how they operate as a service, they listen to your business needs and produce a shortlist of suitable providers.  

In addition to using a software procurement company, there are also criteria that you can use to measure the value of HR software.  


Like all business software solutions, you need to ensure that your chosen HR solution is flexible. Scalability is key as it ensures that your HR software can be adapted as your business processes change and develop. For example, software that has unlimited user numbers would be beneficial if your company suddenly grows in employee volume.  

Additionally, investing in a platform that is subscription based in terms of modules and features would also be prudent. This way, you only pay for what you need, and you can invest in more should you need them in future. For example, you could invest in more training modules should your training requirements change.  

Skills development  

A robust HR software requires some form of integrated learning management system (LMS). This provides a streamlined means of delivering onboarding and refresher training courses to both your new and existing staff. Skills development refers to various forms of e-learning, such as training courses, learning programs, and examinations.  

Investing in HR software with an integrated LMS keeps your learning materials and certifications centralised. This allows your HR department to easily verify whether an employee has conducted mandatory training. It also ensures that each employee receives an equal amount of training and skills development.  


Sophisticated reporting and data analysis is a must. Ideally, your HR system should feature a comprehensive dashboard at its centre. Here, all of your workforce, people, training, and development analytics should be presented in easy-to-understand reports.  

Not only should the HR solution provide you with data updates, but it should also leverage this information to provide you with predictive analytics. These actionable insights will permit you to make data-driven decisions. In addition to this, it should be easy for you to create custom reports, schedule emailed reports, and restrict access where necessary.  

Time management  

Managing time is a core process of HR departments. Therefore, it’s vital that your chosen software provides advanced time management features – it’s not enough to simply track work hours and absences. You need to look for a platform that automates as many tasks as possible.  

Specifically, you need software that reports on missed shifts and overtime worked. It should also be capable of processing time-off requests and delivering approvals or rejections as necessary.  


Not only should your HR software come equipped with an LMS, but it should also be easily integrated with the modules in your wider enterprise resource planning (ERP). 

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