Greater Vertical Focus from Technology Providers 

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Greater Vertical Focus from Technology Providers  post image

Recent research indicates an increase in the number of cloud-based systems specialised to particular verticals such as manufacturing, construction, or professional services.  

Over 40% of surveyed enterprises had adopted industry-specific cloud platforms in recent years. 

This increased adoption is likely due to spending pressures on technology buyers and the need to balance cost-saving with efficiency on new projects. 

Many tech providers now offer more purpose-built solutions for different verticals – such as manufacturing, healthcare, or financial services – which enable greater customisation and control over data specific to each company’s industry. 

While most general cloud software and platforms offer generic features and functions that apply to all businesses, industry cloud platforms provide more specialised, vertical-focused capabilities. 

Technology industry analysts expect that by 2027, companies will leverage industry-specific systems to enhance over 50% of their projects, compared to less than 10% in 2021.  

The Benefits of Vertical Cloud Platforms 

Combining software, cloud platforms, and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), vertical-focused platforms are designed with functionality unique to specific industry processes and regulatory compliance. 

They offer industry technology buyers a way to keep pace with their competition and combine niche features with core business management functionality to suit the needs of both their enterprise and the wider sector. 

When compared to generic enterprise software, vertical cloud platforms offer a valuable solution that can increase both productivity and profitability through targeted functionality at an efficient price point. 

Technology buyers in 2023 should consider an industry cloud platform over generic enterprise software and look for providers that offer solutions that are tailored, focused, and relevant to their industry requirements.  

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