How to choose an online lead generation company

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Outsourcing lead generation can have many benefits for businesses, whether big or small. Online lead generation companies can find serious leads and nurture and qualify them easily, according to your requirements. This means that your sales teams will spend less time doing research and outreach, and more working directly with your prospects to drive in sales.  

What is a lead generation company?

Lead generation companies help businesses in their lead generation efforts by selling them consumer and B2B data that has been analysed to ensure it’s relevant to their campaigns. Their goal is to deliver high-quality sales leads, through a mix of inbound lead generation (marketing strategies that drive leads to your website) and outbound lead generation (targeted outreach marketing techniques that generate leads). They can offer services such as: 

  • Building and management of contact databases;
  • Development of marketing campaigns;
  • CRM and sales enablement software integration;
  • Scheduling appointments with prospects.

How to choose an online lead generation company

Choosing the right lead generation partner requires some research. You need to make sure they will deliver high-quality leads that match your buyer persona and are ready to buy. Businesses contemplating the possibility of hiring an online lead generation company should consider the following aspects.

Data relevancy and data protection compliance

Your top priority should be to ensure that the leads you buy are relevant to your target audience and requirements. A good online lead generation company will work with you to understand your needs and provide you only leads that fit your ideal customer persona, are actively looking for a product like yours, and have the necessary budget to buy from you.

Additionally, you should verify that all lead gen companies you are considering comply with all applicable data protection laws and regulations. They should be transparent about the way they use customers’ data, ask for consent to collect said information, and offer the option to opt out of receiving communications.

Some questions to ask your lead provider could be:

  • How do you source your leads,
  • How do you qualify your leads,
  • What industry/niche do you specialise in,

Data and leads ownership

Before choosing a lead gen partner, you should know who will keep ownership of the leads generated and your prospects’ data. Some companies might retain the ownership of their leads and only rent their databases for you to use. This means that you could lose access to those leads when your contract with your lead provider ends.

Lead generation companies should be transparent about whether they will transfer the ownership of the leads to you or give you access to their own. Consider long-term solutions without an expiration date to maintain a sustainable source of leads. If you only need a one-time solution for a specific campaign, short-term access to databases might be enough for your business.

Process management

Understanding how online lead generation companies get their leads, qualify, and, in some cases, nurture them is one of the key points when comparing your options. Besides clarifying the process, it should give you an idea on what type of prospects they work with and, ultimately, help you decide whether they are providing good value for your money.

Companies who use a comprehensive content marketing strategy that aligns with your own qualifying guidelines will attract the best prospects. Therefore, the lead gen specialists should work with you to define what a qualified lead means for your campaigns in order to find the best matches. In their efforts, they will help you identify and work around your:

  • Ideal customer profile;
  • Buyer personas;
  • Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and sales-qualified leads (SQLs) definitions;
  • Lead scoring model;
  • List segmentation.

Flexibility of services

A good online lead generation company should be adaptable. Every business has its unique requirements and a unique customer persona, so one-size-fits-all solutions will not provide the high-quality prospects that you need.

Instead, you need a lead generation team (or software) that adjusts to your target demographics, that can support scalability, and that will tailor their strategies to your specifications. An agile and effective communication is key to ensure that your lead provider (and their strategies) are always up to date if anything within your business changes.

Level of support

Evaluate your own in-house resources and how an online lead generation company can support your current marketing efforts. For some companies, acquiring lists of qualifying prospects is more than enough to boost their sales. Others might need some help nurturing their leads or support with their lead generation content. Figuring out exactly what you need in the early stages of your search should simplify the process greatly.

YourShortlist’s lead generation services

Developing efficient lead generation strategies is a job that, in many cases, requires a level of expertise that some technology companies might not possess. In those cases, outsourcing your prospecting efforts to specialised lead generation companies like YourShortlist ensures that your business doesn’t miss on high-quality leads, and simplifies and enhances your sales processes.

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