Introducing Our New Brand Character

We're excited to put a friendly face to the YourShortlist brand

Introducing Our New Brand Character post image

Deep within a secret laboratory below the 4icg offices, the greatest minds at YourShortlist have been creating something special…

When we decided to rebrand Software Advisory Service into YourShortlist, our goal was to make software procurement more personalised, streamlined, and approachable.

While the refreshed name and branding did an excellent job of conveying this message, we still felt like there was a missing piece to the puzzle.

A missing member of the team, perhaps; someone who could anchor the brand and act as a welcoming face for new and returning clients.

We reached out to several celebrities hoping for an endorsement, but none were available for an extended gig and now aren’t returning our calls. And unfortunately, none of the agencies we contacted had any opera signers or talking meerkats on retainer.

So, a Think Tank of brainiacs at YourShortlist decided to the take the next most logical approach: build a fully functioning robot that would follow our every direction for promoting the brand.

It was a gruelling couple of months…

After many sleepless nights, lines of code written on windows, brainstorming sessions, gallons of coffee, missed social engagements, and hours of research into robotics and artificial intelligence…

…the Think Tank realised this was all a waste of time and had the marketing department design a virtual mascot instead.

Introducing the new face of YourShortlist… Shorty!

They’re still a robot (we’ll give credit to the Think Tank for that, at least) but with none of the technical requirements, power supply issues, or risk of going rogue and taking over the world.

They’re here to help answer your software procurement questions and put a friendly, welcoming face on what can otherwise feel like an exhausting and impersonal process.

Shorty perfectly encapsulates the vision and mission at YourShortlist.

Our advice, your decision.

Software buyers should be agile and forward thinking, looking to implement the most cutting-edge, advanced solutions to keep their business futureproofed and adaptable in the age of hybrid working, cloud computing, and AI.

YourShortlist makes the process of sourcing IT solutions simpler and more cost-effective, with a team of friendly and knowledgeable procurement professionals to advise you throughout the process and provide a bespoke, no-obligation shortlist of potential software partners and solutions.

We’re excited to virtually welcome Shorty to the team and will even be throwing them a small shindig to celebrate their ‘Birthday’ and introduction to the YourShortlist brand (don’t tell them though, as it’s supposed to be a surprise).

Keep your eyes peeled across our website and social media to see what Shorty gets up to in their first week with us.

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