Introduction to ADP Run Payroll Software

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Are you wondering which payroll service would be best when you have multiple clients? ADP’s newest payroll management system might just be the right one for you.


For some business, it can be challenging to run payroll for multiple clients. And perhaps especially for large businesses, it can be fairly overwhelming as there are more hours to compute and larger taxes to be deducted. If the people responsible mess up, the repercussions can be profound.

As a result, it is necessary that business owners provide their employees with software solutions that simplify this gamut of tasks. In our digital age, this is not a difficult task as the market is saturated with software for payroll. And once you narrow down your search to sellers that have the right experience and resources for your needs, you’d find yourself with the best accounting solutions. One such solution in ADP, which is both wide-ranging, filled with great features and incredibly comprehensive. Let’s take a closer look at ADP and its newly introduced service ADP Run.

What is ADP Run?

Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is considered to be one of the best online payroll services on the market. And with its ability to provide different sizes of businesses with several payroll solutions, it’s not difficult to see how they earned this acknowledgment.

One of its recent releases is Run Powered by ADP, which is especially tailored to accountants and other professionals who need to provide payroll services to numerous clients. And this is the perfect tool to give you proper ROI on your accounting solution, even if you’re looking for a small business payroll or an enterprise payroll. Since ADP Run is purely an online payroll management system, it can let employers and employees alike have web access through your dedicated and branded website. It also comes with advanced solutions for both tax and HR management.

What can ADP Run Offer?

Flawless Processing of Payroll

Due to its unique design, ADP can cater to both small businesses and large corporations. ADP Run Payroll processing is also made easier by its wide array of user-friendly features. In addition to being both simple and straightforward, an additional benefit is that the system can be accessed through any internet browser on any device. 

With just a simple click to log in, the Accountant Dashboard can be accessed. Here you’ll find functions related to your business – from modifying client access to billing and security settings. With the list of clients, clicking on one would bring users to the Payroll Home for that specific company, showing tabs for Messages and Tasks while offering notifications for urgent deadlines and important errands. 

There’s also a menu for processing features, such as printing and creating direct deposit files. And with just the click of a button, you can add the hours an employee worked, along with the details of their sick leave and annual leaves, and overtime hours. If you’re American, the employees can also choose the frequency of their paycheques, whether biweekly or monthly, while employers can choose how they pay their staff – through direct deposits or VISA cards. An added benefit is that the payroll solution automatically extracts taxes to be paid on their respective due dates. The system can also generate tax forms. 

Reporting Capabilities

With strong reporting functionality, ADP Run users can effortlessly access reporting options for payroll, taxes and benefits, payroll summary, earnings of each department, and retirement contributions. 

However, ADP Run’s reporting features does bring with them a couple of disadvantages, one of which is intricacy. This means that the users will not always be able to fully make use of its customisation features. Other disadvantages include the limited functionality compared to many of its competitors, which all have high-quality reporting programs.

Time and Attendance Operated Automatically

With ADP’s Time and Attendance feature, it’s easy to record employee hours and make sure that all standards and rules are being complied with. It’s also a recommended place to store attendance data, as it can lead to lesser discrepancies in hours and salaries. What’s more, employees are also given more freedom and comfort by making it possible for them to log in and out of work through their mobile phones and apps, while employers can simply gain access and follow information about the company and its employees. 

Pricing and Packaging

ADP currently offers four pricing options to its customers, which all provide entry to a good and practical payroll software.

These packages go from cost-effective to premium ones, with more features being unlocked the higher you go up the list of offerings. The first package is the Essential Payroll, and it comes with the most basic features – thereby making it a great fit for small companies and start-ups. However, it has ADP’s core features that include simple and easy payroll processing with customising options, automatic capability to pay employees through direct deposits, and time and attendance features. 

Enhanced Payroll is the second package, offering a few more advantages than the basic bundle. It’s more advanced qualities make the payroll processes even more adaptable, with a reloadable debit card to pay wages, a safer signing and sending of cheques, as well as salary garnishment services and handling of unemployment insurance. 

The most popular package is the Complete Payroll and HR Plus. This comes with strong features for big businesses that want a wide array of tools to achieve an even smoother processing. There are features dedicated for HR operations, in which the most popular is the applicant tracking service and ability to perform background checks, and remove physical copies by instead utilising a completely cloud-based document management program. You can also access help desk, trainings and toolkits, and alerts and reminders. 

The fourth and final package is the HR Pro Payroll, which again, is an even more feature-packed version of the previous one – and also the most expensive, naturally. Some of its most popular features include employee handbook assistance, support programs for employee work-life, and employee discounts. 

Should You Choose ADP Run?

ADP has been incredibly successful when it comes to providing an excellent payroll service, and the new ADP Run is no exception. This is a more robust payroll that touts improved features that many companies will find helpful, regardless of size or industry.

Despite some disadvantages, such as limited reporting capabilities, it’s still an incredibly solid choice. Are you read to take your payroll to the next level with ADP Run?