Introduction to Remote Support Software

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It’s always inconvenient when IT equipment fails. With a Remote Support Software, your business can save both time and money on IT support. Let’s take a closer look at how remote support software can benefit your organisation.

I guess that we’ve all been there. Your trusted computer crashes for unknown reasons. Soon enough, the horror of losing your work is replaced by an awkward phone call to tech support. You cringe as the unfortunate person on the other end of the line must sit through your stammering explanations of what went wrong.

Well, there’s no longer any need to bring IT staff all the way over to your desk just for them to tell you that your charger wasn’t plugged in properly.

With Remote Support Software, your IT team can get instant remote access to your equipment in order to provide you with the necessary maintenance and support. In short, the solution works by allowing administrators to connect and control your device via an internal network in order to resolve any technical issues you might have. 

A solution like this can be a real money-saver for many organisations, as it doesn’t require IT staff to travel to the physical device or waste too much time on the phone, desperately trying to decipher the non-technical language of Paul from finance. Rather, your team can instantly access the given device, assess the situation, and then implement a solution.  

These days, Remote Support Software is offered as part of an integration with ITSM or Managed Services. It can also be offered as a separate application, but this is less common on the UK market.

What are the benefits of Remote Support Software?

  • Save on costs

If you have employees located across several offices, you’ll notice that the costs of IT maintenance and general troubleshooting can add up rather quickly. With remote support, you can ensure that your support team is centralised in one location – thereby reducing the cost of travel between various destinations.

  • Save on time

Naturally, you’ll also be able to save on precious time and resources when your IT staff no longer need to be physically on-site in order to provide the necessary help. It also means that your employees with IT issues won’t need to sit around and wait for support to arrive either.

  • Increased efficiency

When the device in question can be accessed remotely, it means that troubleshooting can be performed and completed much faster. In other words, it will be less of a disruption to the daily schedule of your employees.

  • Pre-emptive support

Remote support software means that your IT staff can provide the necessary maintenance before any issues arises. Remotely, your IT administrator can monitor device functionality and run any urgent software updates. This pre-emptive support can catch issues in their infancy, and thereby lessen the need for more urgent support later on.

  • Remote access

Naturally, this is a given. The remote access of a specific window or the desktop as a whole is the entire premise of the software.

  • File transfer

Occasionally, when providing support, the IT administrator will need you to pass files from your device to support. With Remote Support solutions, you can easily share any necessary files with the support team.

  • Encrypted access

Can you trust another user on your device? Most Remote Support solutions offer data encryption via a secure connection, ensuring that your data remains safe during the support process.  

Do you need Remote Support Software?

This type of software can clearly combat and prevent any tech-related issues your business might be struggling with. But do you really need it?

According to the Next Web, $83 billion are lost by American businesses every single year due to defections and abandoned purchases. That is a lot of money. But how can you combat this development? Experts are suggesting that you can combat this negative development by investing in solid tools to enhance customer service and cybersecurity. A Remote Support Software can dramatically decrease the time it takes for IT staff to handle issues, meaning that there will be less of a delay in customer orders.

In conclusion, remote support software can provide your business with lower costs, better efficiency and higher customer retention. Are you ready to benefit from remote IT support? Leave your details on our contact page, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.