Technology procurement is complicated. And expensive. And time consuming.

For technology suppliers, bringing in the right customers at the right point in the buying process, and doing so at a profit, is doubly hard. Even large companies with dedicated marketing departments struggle with this.

Small and medium sized companies often don’t have these extensive resources. So, how do they get the job done?

YourShortlist is a technology consultancy using procurement best practice and data insights to save companies time and money.

Our goal is to make business technology procurement simple, transparent, and cost-effective.

Data-driven Insights


We’ve been helping best-in-class technology vendors jump the queue in the procurement process since 2014. In that time, we’ve been gathering data on what makes for a cost-effective process, enabling our Partners to be short-listed for the right projects, at the right time. We use this data to efficiently connect our ever-expanding community of technology buyers with technology partners who can best fulfil their project requirements.

Independently vetted and reviewed


Our Members trust that the short-list of partners we recommend not only meet their needs, but has been vetted and reviewed. Our Members value our independence and insights. Our Partners save time, effort, and money by being added to the right project short-lists at the right time. We’re paid by our Partners based on the value we deliver in accelerating their sales cycle while at the same time reducing their cost of acquisition.

Why become a member?

By becoming a YourShortlist Member, you’ll be able to make better-informed decisions on any new software, infrastructure, or managed services for your business.  Procuring technology is never easy, but as a Member, we hope to make that a little bit easier for you.

You’ll become part of our exclusive technology buyers’ community and a dedicated solutions consultant will always be on hand to assist you with any projects. 


Unlimited Consultant Support

We have a team of consultants who are always on-hand to provide Members with the insights they need to quickly find the right short-list


Access to Partner Directory

View our partners’ information and view other members’ reviews on our exclusive hub


Fluid communication with Partners

Our team are consistently in touch with our partner network


Software Guides

Access to Buyer’s guides, whitepapers, case studies, and more.

How it works

As a valued Member, you can research our verified partners, including reviews from other Members. These reviews are unique: they cover the whole process of working with a partner, from sales, through implementation, service, and project ROI.

Contribute reviews

You’ll be able to contribute your own reviews once you’ve worked with our partners.

Connect with our advisors

You can also connect with our advisors for any support you need in finding and selecting the right partner for your projects.

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