Cybercrime is the biggest it has ever been, a growing industry that is becoming even more prosperous. In March 2022 alone, there were “88 major publicly disclosed cyber security incidents, accounting for 3,987,593 breached records.”

To stay ahead of this ever-advancing criminality, it is crucial you equip your business with the most up-to-date software and managed services to ensure strong cyber resilience. Cyber Security is one of the most important assets of every business, so it’s vital you compare the market to ensure you have the right software or managed service.  

This can often be costly and time-consuming, but thankfully YourShortlist makes the process quicker and more cost-effective by matching your business with the right Cyber Security partner. 

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Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security is the practice of protecting computer systems against cyber-attacks. These can be both external and internal threats, which aim at compromising confidentiality or integrity by unauthorized access to data within an organization’s network structure – or indeed any other machine connected through internet technology like smartphones.

It has become imperative for businesses in this digital age not only protect their own assets, but also help others do so too when they’re vulnerable.  If one company falls victim to an attack, then there will be significant collateral damage across many sectors with far-reaching implications for everyone, from corporate employees, right down to consumers.

Top considerations when choosing cyber security software

Given the importance of cyber security within the context of a broader, multi-pronged cyber security strategy, and with our domain expertise in linking SMBs to software providers, the remainder of this guide will focus specifically on choosing cyber security software.  While there are many different types of cyber security systems to choose from, with some just focusing on antivirus protection and others providing internet security via domain name server (DNS) protection, we recommend choosing a holistic cyber security system as your base, and then perhaps adding on speciality tools as needed. So, when evaluating cyber security systems, consider factors such as: Protection: The most important consideration should be how well a cyber security system protects you from cyber security threats. This consideration may look a bit different among different SMBs, depending on factors like the assets you’re trying to protect, the number of employees in an organisation, the devices you use, etc. Still, you generally want to look for cyber security systems, (either as one software solution or a suite that can be managed together) that combine features such as:
  • Antivirus/antimalware protection
  • Network firewalls
  • Endpoint security
  • Internet security (such as with DNS filtering)
  • Email security (such as with phishing protection)
  • VPN access
  • Data encryption
If you’re on the hunt for a new CRM system, discuss your requirements with a member of our team. Begin the journey today towards a free, no-obligation shortlist tailored to your business; YourShortlist Management: As important as it is for cyber security solutions to offer comprehensive protection features, that won’t serve you very well if you can’t properly manage the system. So, try to evaluate how easy a cyber security solution would be to manage. Some tools offer more robust features that require more IT knowledge to get the most out of. Other solutions may be a bit less feature-rich yet can easily be used by anyone, which is good for small businesses that have not built out their tech teams. Keep in mind that many SMBs choose to work with managed services providers (MSPs) to implement and manage their cyber security software. MSPs can take the reins to help those who may lack the resources to oversee cyber security solutions. Cost: Cost should generally be a lower priority when it comes to evaluating cyber security software, as a breach can be far more costly than saving a few pounds by going with a low-cost provider. That said, you don’t necessarily have to choose the most expensive option, as those may have unnecessary features that your company doesn’t need. If you’re really in a place where budget is a concern, there are a few free cyber security software solutions you can turn to. Assuming it’s from a reputable provider, such as a vendor offering a free base-level version of their services, or an open-source system, a free tool is better than nothing. Still, you may want to consider more robust protection. While you can compare costs, you should do so with the mindset that you’re making an investment in your risk management to potentially save money down the road.

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