Human Resource (HR) software solutions are designed to help organizations manage every aspect of their HR operations. They help to increase the productivity of HR teams by automating many administrative processes and supporting the business on a strategic level by helping you recruit, develop and manage your company’s most valuable resource: its people.

With so many HR software solutions on the market for recruitment, applicant tracking, personnel management, training and development, payroll, performance reviews, and more, how do you choose the right system for your business?

At YourShortlist, our goal is to make technology procurement simple, transparent, and cost-effective by removing the burden of sifting through hundreds of providers and solutions to find your bespoke shortlist of options that meet your requirements.

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HR Software Considerations

Before you start looking for an HR Software Solution, you need to identify what you need from the software. Industry watchers break down the field of HR software into three main categories:

• Core HR
• Workforce Management
• Strategic HR

Streamline HR administrative tasks

If you’re an SME with no HR software, or you are using a few unconnected solutions that you want to unite, you should consider an integrated HR suite. This will automate your more simple HR functions with a single system.

Maximise efficiency when recruiting and hiring Staff

If you need to scale your workforce quickly, a prime recruiting and applicant tracking solution might be your best option. Many of these solutions automatically post vacancies to job boards and social media outlets, as well as simplifying candidate tracking and on-boarding of new employees. With configurable databases of candidates and robust reporting capabilities, you can make the most of your current candidate pool, whilst continuing to expand your talent base.

Manage a large pool of employees working in shifts

Coordinating a workforce with multiple shifts to assign and time-off requests to approve can be incredibly complex and laborious. There are numerous tools available which streamline this task and greatly increase efficiency. For example, many solutions either feature a built-in payroll system to help when running massive payrolls, or integrate effectively with your current payroll software to ensure all hours worked by employees are accounted for.

Develop your workforce

You want to ensure that your best employees are recognised and rewarded so they stay with your company and continue to do great work. Staff retention has the ability to outwardly boost the reputation of your business whilst inwardly cutting costs and helping your bottom line. The broad category of talent management solutions help you achieve this, with everything from performance appraisal solutions, to systems for gathering peer feedback, to employee training tools. These solutions also contribute towards higher morale and greater employee productivity.

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As a key decision maker, you’ll have to do your research before choosing the best HR solution for your business.

At YourShortlist, our goal is to make technology procurement simple, transparent, and cost-effective by matching businesses with the right software providers.

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