VoIP is a type of technology that allows you to make free calls over the internet.  It doesn’t matter what network or equipment you have, as VoIP will let you communicate with any system. Our team of VoIP experts will help you identify which provider will fit you the best. Communicating with your organisation has never been this easy. This system differs from a traditional phone service, as it comes with lower prices and more flexibility. In a nutshell, one can say that the flexible framework is proven to be a highly beneficial and cost-efficient asset to any business.

When considering the many solutions on offer, how do you know which system is right for your business?

Don’t worry! At YourShortlist, we have an expert team of software experts who will help identify reliable partners with whom to work. With our assistance in sourcing and evaluating VoIP-related products or services designed specifically as a fit based upon what matters most about YOUR industry – not ours-, our clients are guaranteed top value without having any trouble whatsoever choosing between multiple providers capable of meeting all requirements; saving time AND money along the way.

Our completely non-chargeable service includes:

• Independent buying advice

• A shortlist of specially selected partners with great pedigree in implementing VoIP solutions for your industry

• Partner background information

• Free callback