The Final Countdown: A Year Left Until Windows 7 End of Support

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The Final Countdown: A Year Left Until Windows 7 End of Support post image

On January 14th 2020, Microsoft will end all support and security patches for Windows 7. In other words, customers still running the popular operating system only have 365 days left to upgrade…

We all know that a fully updated and modern device is key to any successful cybersecurity strategy. However, in exactly a year, Microsoft will no longer offer security updates to any device running Windows 7. If you want to remain cybersafe, it’s time to migrate to Windows 10 today.

Windows 7 remains hugely popular on the UK market, with nearly 43% of enterprises still running the near decade-old operating system. Without proper planning, the end of support will likely be a nightmare for most organisations.


What does end of support mean?

Simply put, the end of mainstream and extended support means that Windows 7 will no longer receive necessary updates and security patches. In other words: after the deadline, Microsoft will no longer keep your operating system safe, thereby leaving you unprotected from cybercrime such as malware, ransomware and data breaches.

This brings an overwhelming amount of risk to anyone still running the old operating system. The risks are especially high due to that Windows versions share large part of their codes, meaning that many of the discovered security flaws can affect more than just a single product. Essentially, anyone running on Windows 7 can be exposed whenever a breach happens.

In addition, it’s expected that cybercriminals will make Windows 7 one of their top targets in 2020, as the IT industry expects the OS to remain highly popular amongst slow-paced businesses after the final deadline.

How will Windows end of support impact you?

When the extended support ends on January 14th 2020, things will change dramatically.

Your PC won’t fall apart in your hands, but you will still be locked out from receiving any vital security patches and updates from Microsoft. Without migrating to Windows 10, your PC will be at high risk for cyberattacks.

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Can you really afford to put all your sensitive data at risk?

It’s a pressing matter, and the hesitance towards upgrading to Windows 10 has been described by some IT professionals as as “cybersecurity suicide”.  CEO of Kollective, Dan Vetras, said in a recent interview that: “(…) it should be a major cause for concern among the business community. When it came to migrating away from Windows XP it took some (…) three years to transfer their entire systems to the new operating system, now, many firms will have to make the transition in less than 12 months. Those that fail to do so will have to pay for extended support, with the largest organizations paying more than a million dollars a year in order to remain on Windows 7.”

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Start Your Migration Process Today

The deadline for Windows 7 End of Support is 14th January 2020.

In other words, upgrading to Windows 10 is a necessity for anyone looking to modernise and protect their business. The clock is ticking – get in touch with us today and start your seamless migration to a safer OS.