What POS Systems Do Restaurants Use?

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Restaurants using a POS solution as an online ordering system have increased their revenues considerably. This is the reason why online ordering has developed from a helpful feature to a necessary tool for increasing restaurant turnover.

This article will discuss the types of POS systems restaurants use, and some of the most popular restaurant POS solutions on the market.


Common Types of POS Systems 


A POS solution can bring plenty of advantages to your business. For instance, having your own system means that you don’t need to pay commission fees for repeat customers.

Restaurants normally use one of two POS system types – tablet POS and terminal POS.

iPad and Android POS solutions are becoming extremely popular because they require minimal upfront investment and you can often use an existing tablet. Some tablet POS services are free, while others require a low monthly subscription. Additionally, many of the solutions support compatible hardware such as cash drawers, barcode readers, and tablet stands. While the most affordable POS solutions offer only basic applications, other can manage more complex inventory solutions. In other words, it’s highly recommended that you consider your requirements and needs before you choose your next POS software.

Tablet POS systems are good for quick-service restaurants, juice bars, pizzerias and small cafes. Generally speaking, they tend to be best for small and medium-sized businesses – mostly because they’re highly user-friendly and normally cheaper than a local server POS.

Terminal POS systems, on the other hand, are usually seen at the counter. Most require good internet access, and they can be both software and hardware based. Often, they are sold as all-in-one solutions, including scanners and cash drawers. Most vendors also provide 24/7 support and cloud-based backup. For restaurants, they are often integrated with tableside Wi-Fi portable devices, patron tablet ordering, and online ordering. Retail POS can include label printing, e-commerce integration and a vast suit of inventory tools.

Terminal POS systems are best for full-service restaurants and other busy establishments.


The Best POS Systems for Restaurants




In this section, we will take a closer look at some of the most popular restaurant POS systems. These include Revel, Lightspeed, Breadcrumb and TouchBistro.



Most restaurants will work well with a solution like Lightspeed. This software has a wealth of features, with functions to support every part of the retail cycle, from extensive staff management and CRM capabilities to purchase and stocking.

You’ll love the wide array of add-ons and integrations. The system also comes with regular updates and a sleek design. This POS should be the top choice if you’re looking for standard features like analytics reporting, solid inventory management, and marketing campaign management.


Revel POS

Revel features solid reporting, a modern kitchen display system, a solid list of integrations, and even kiosk functionality. The downside, however, it that it can take some time to set up and install.

This reliable POS provider is ideal for franchises, but they also have plenty to offer small and medium-sized diners as well. This solution gains an edge over the competition thanks to its wealth of services, ever-expanding features, and outstanding integrations. Some of the best features include offline functionality mode, remote support, an intelligent reporting suite and integration with QuickBooks.

The company offers industry-specific software packages for a fixed monthly fee. Another great benefit is that the software license is automatically included in the subscription, and pricing is broken per terminal.

Each subscription includes 24/7 live support, unlimited data storage and security, and unlimited software updates.


TouchBistro POS

This solution is perfect for restaurants, breweries and pubs. It features a good mix of restaurant and brewery-specific features that help restaurants manage catering and reservations. It’s an affordable system that doesn’t lock you in with a long-term contract.

TouchBistro provides mobility, cloud-based reporting and excellent customer support with video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and a searchable base of knowledge to help you learn how to best use the system. Smaller restaurants and pubs will appreciate the low price.


Breadcrumb POS (now Upserve)

This system’s extensive features include specialty ordering and table, customer and restaurant management. It comes with most of the tools a restaurant or a bar will need to run their establishment.

Originally, Breadcrumb teamed up with GrubHub to offer an online ordering an delivery integration (which is a favourite feature of many clients), they also boasts a strong restaurant management platform that is easy to use irrespective of your location after being acquired by Upserve.

Breadcrumb POS is fully mobile and cloud-based. Unfortunately, this means the system does not work on a traditional desktop. On the plus side, the system has offline mode, which enables you to keep operating – albeit on a restricted level – during internet outages.

Some might see this as a disadvantage, but Breadcrumb POS is very industry-specific. It’s best-suited for quick-service restaurants, cafes, full-service restaurants and drive-throughs. And, finally, the reporting and back office features can all be accessed remotely from any device connected to the internet, thereby making it possible for you to run your business from a separate location.