YourShortlist Launches in Ireland

YourShortlist Launches in Ireland post image

YourShortlist, the leading independent technology procurement service in the UK, today announced its launch in Ireland. YourShortist streamlines business technology lead generation by quickly matching providers with prospects actively seeking solutions.

“We are excited to launch in Ireland and help businesses procure technology in a more efficient and effective way,” said Robert Copeland, Co-Founder and Group Managing Director “The Irish technology landscape is complex and ever-changing, and it can be difficult for businesses to keep up. YourShortlist takes the guesswork out of the technology procurement process”

With strong economic growth driving demand for technology across all sectors, Ireland is a natural evolution for YourShortlist growth. Recognised as a trusted, independent intermediary to IT buyers, YourShortlist can help position businesses successfully to meet each of the prospects requirements at every stage of procurement.

YourShortlist currently operates from five offices across Europe in Malaga, Tenerife, Frankfurt and headquartered in Glasgow. The award-winning team is made up of experienced, qualified IT and telecoms professionals, and the multi-lingual capabilities allow us to service a growing number of regions and provide a localised service for clients.
YourShortlist also offers a number of other features to help businesses with their technology procurement, including:

• Supplier comparison: YourShortlist’s supplier comparison library allows businesses to compare the features, prices, and functionality of different suppliers broken down by specialism
• Expert advice: YourShortlist also provides businesses with access to expert advice from technology procurement consultants.

“YourShortlist is the perfect tool for businesses of all sizes that are looking to procure technology in a more efficient and effective way,” said Dannii Callaghan, Group Head of Account Management. “We make it easy for our Partners to find the right projects that match their target criteria”